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Tired of Paying too Much for Propane?

Join the Coloma-Lotus Propane Co-op!

Sorry, the Co-op is temporarily closed to new members.
Please check back Summer, 2023 for details on our new program!

MEMBERS: scroll down to access pricing info

Why Join?

When you call a propane company for pricing, they typically offer a low, introductory price to gain your business. After that, the price rises to some "to be determined" number. People often end up stuck in a contract for 1-3 years paying exorbitant amounts for propane and related fees. It's the game many propane companies play and is what led to the formation of this group back in 2005.

As a co-op member, your price is based upon a negotiated fixed margin over the AmeriGas' cost for propane. "Cost" is verifiable as it's a number published on the California Department of General Services' website.

This program is currently run as a community service by one volunteer. Membership is currently free and the pricing is the lowest year-round pricing you'll find anywhere!

How Much?

Pricing Structure

Residential Rate:             .59 over refinery cost; no tax
Business Rate*:                .50 over refinery cost; plus tax 

Friends & Family Rate:    .98 over refinery cost; plus tax & fees

*Business owners' residence qualifies for the business rate with no tax

Check Real-Time Pricing:

  • Click Here to go to the DGS Fuel Pricing Website

  • Select “Fuel Posting for Delivery Week of"

  • Select the time period in question and refer to the pricing for "TARGA - San Francisco".

  • Add your rate (.50/.59/.98) to the TARGA price to get your negotiated Co-op rate.

  • Pricing may be off slightly as the DGS website is updated weekly and does not always reflect daily changes. But it should be close, if not exact.

  • Pricing is based upon the day your order is placed (will-call customers) or delivered (routed customers.)

Other Costs?

Who Can Join?

Sign Me Up!

No Add-On Fees

  • Haz-mat, fuel recovery, and will-call fees are waived for Co-Op members*, an additional savings of ~$20 per delivery!

  • *Friends and Family members' fees not waived.

Free Change Out - Free Tank Rental

  • Amerigas will perform a safety inspection, change out your existing tank and transfer the gas at no charge.

  • Tank rental is free the 1st year, and free thereafter as long as you use 1.5x the tank capacity within the rental year.*

  • Without minimum usage, the tank rental fee is $45.00 + tax per year per tank, regardless of size.*

  • *Friends and Family Members pay a flat $63 for tank rental.

Routed or Will-Call -- Leased or Owned Tanks

  • Routed or will-call service is available.

  • Customer-owned tanks qualify.

  • Routed service is highly recommended.

  • If you require will-call service, contact AmeriGas when your tank reaches 40%.

  • Delivery takes a minimum of 10 business days (2 weeks), but may take 3 weeks to a month in the winter.

  • High fees may apply for expedited will-call orders.


  • Residents and businesses physically located in Coloma, Lotus, or the greater Coloma-Lotus valley are eligible to join.

  • Those outside of the co-op boundaries are eligible for the "Friends and Family" rate of .98 over cost; fees apply. You must be referred by a co-op member to qualify for this rate.

  • Referral credits are not available to co-op members.


How to Sign Up

Click Here to join. You should receive an immediate email confirming receipt of your application. Within the following week, you should receive an email from the  Co-op Manager. If you don't receive these emails, contact the Co-op Manager.




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